Punchlines from the Playground began as a blog, created to help Gabriel’s Mom share, and keep track of, the outlandishly funny, yet completely innocent things that the little guy says, at random.  Over time, it  became apparent that everyone who has a child, or interacts with one on a regular basis, can relate.
Punchlines from the Playground allows anyone who hears witty words, from a child (tot to teen), to share their stories with others.  It’s not just for parent stories, as we hope to encourage the commuter on the train, the supermarket customer, and dogwalker in the park to share humorous tales from the mouths of babes.

Our goal is for this site to put smiles on many faces.

*All Punchline posts without an author’s name were written and submitted by the site’s creator, otherwise known as Gabriel’s Mom.

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